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Programming environment

The contestant machine will run on Ubuntu 11.10 with the following list of software (all version numbers specify that there will be available stated or newer version):

Practicing with the environment

We are providing the script which should install all the neccessary software and documentation. It was designed for Ubuntu 11.10 and might not work properly without some adjustments on other/older Linux distributions.

First, install Ubuntu 11.10 on your machine or virtual machine. For more detailed information on how to install Ubuntu in one of the possible ways, please visit official Ubuntu website. Using Live CD/DVD without installation can result in some missing software.

After you log in into the system, open the terminal and type:


to install all the necessary software. It will ask for your password, and will take some time. After it is done, new icons and wallpaper will appear on your desktop.

Alternatively, you can download this file, right-click on it, select Properties, open the Permissions tab, tick "Allow executing file as a program" checkbox, close the window, double-click the downloaded file in graphical UI and select "Run in Terminal".